Additional services

Our hotel offers a variety of addditional services, which you can add to your reservation:

Extra bed on your room:

In some cases it is possible to have an extra bed placed in your room. There will be € 20,- added to your hotel costs per bed placed. This addition is only available after consultation with us.

Bottle of champagne on your room:

A beautiful Grand Cru Champagne will be waiting for you in your hotel room prior to arrival or on at a time of your choosing. We kindly ask of you to send us your estimated time of arrival.

€ 47,50

Fresh bouquet of flowers  on your room:

Want to present a gift to your special one? This maybe the awnser. If you want to leave a special message as well, please let us know.

€ 19,50

Airport shuttle

We offer a special shuttle from the airport to the hotel or the other way around in a luxurious BMW 7

€ 80,00 per one way per vehicle.


If you desire a taxi is provided for you, please let us know.